Stress Relief with 5 Different Remedies

Stress Relief with 5 Different Remedies

As adults, it feels many times that we do not experience a single moment in a day without stress. How has this happened to us? There was a time when the days lingered and were not filled to the brim with errands, work, calls, appointments, projects and chores. The stress this creates is overwhelming. Stress can be defined as a state of mental or emotional tension resulting from demanding circumstances. It seems as if from the moment we wake up we are in high demand. In order to lessen our stress, we need to adjust our interpretation of these demands because stress can leave our minds, bodies and spirits depleted of love and energy. This depletion can make us experience sadness, depression, anxiety and exhaustion. We may also experience having headaches, chest pain, shortness in breath and muscle tension.

Tara Brach says it best in one of her meditations that, “When we are caught in a stress reaction trance we are cut off from our creativity, full intelligence and capacity to be loving.” This rings so true. Stress distracts us from our true purpose and living this way day in and day out can be very unfulfilling.

It is so important to create space for our life purpose. Many times this purpose is to simply have space for yourself and others. In the world we live in it would be impossible to go through a week without stress but we can begin to integrate a consciousness around it so that we can reduce it when necessary!

There are many ways we can reduce stress and what works for one person may not work for someone else. So seek out what works for you. 5 remedies to reduce stress that we will highlight are exercise, spend time in outdoors, read a book for pleasure, talk with a friend and eat a healing meal.

We all know that exercise clears the mind and relieves tension in the body. Spending time outdoors gives you a healthy dose of fresh air, sunlight and energy from nature. Getting lost in a great book allows you to escape and let go of anxieties. When talking to friend you can listen to insight, laugh and talk through stressful situations and lastly eating a healing meal nourishes your mind and body with healthy energy. So cook something up that you love and enjoy every bite! Maybe invite over that friend to talk to over your meal.

There is also one other thing many people do to reduce stress and that is something Brennan Massage & Spa knows alot about! They receive a massage and it works wonders!

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